What are High Roller Casino Bonuses?

By now, bonus offers have become a standard in the online gambling industry. But while everyone has an equal chance to win at casino games, not everyone will be given the same casino bonuses. The most generous benefits will always be reserved for players who are willing to take big risks to win big money. Here are all the things you need to know about high roller bonuses.

What Is a High Roller Bonus in Online Casinos?

The term ‘high rollers’ refers to gamblers who make large deposits and place much higher bets than most. Since high rollers contribute to a big part of online casinos’ profit, they usually have bonuses targeting this specific demographic. Generally, a high roller bonus applies to the first few deposits you make (welcome bonus). Aside from this, high rollers also enjoy other benefits like the VIP program.

High Roller Bonus VS Regular Casino Bonus

A regular bonus gives you a certain percentage of your deposit (from around 50% to 300%), but there is a limit to deposit match bonuses. For example, a $100 deposit coupled with a 100% bonus will grant you $100 more. But if you deposit $3000, don’t expect to receive another $3000; the bonus will instead be capped off at a certain amount depending on the online casino.

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Some people make the mistake of thinking high roller bonuses will reward them with a higher percentage of their deposit than regular bonuses. The general standard of 50%-300%, however, stays the same for high roller bonuses. The difference is: these bonuses have a much higher limit to them so players can make bigger deposits and still get their reward in full.

High roller bonuses also tend to have lower wagering requirements, which represent the amount of money you have to play before you can withdraw any winnings. For instance, a $50 bonus with a 10x wagering requirement means you have to spend $500 (on eligible games only) before being allowed to make a withdrawal.

How to Get a High Roller Bonus

Before registering at an online casino, you should shop around to see which one has the best high roller bonuses. A few important things to focus on are:

  • What is the minimum deposit you have to make to be considered a high roller? Compare it to your budget and how much you’re willing to spend.
  • What is the maximum amount of the deposit bonus? Technically, the higher this is, the better.
  • What are the wagering requirements? The lower this is, the less you have to spend before making a withdrawal. You should also check what games are eligible for wagering or else you will be forced to play a game you don’t like just to satisfy the requirement.
  • Check other restrictions in the terms and conditions. Some bonuses are only available to certain areas or they might exclude some payment methods.

After you have found a casino to your liking, you need to do a quick registration process then make a deposit big enough to be eligible for the bonus. In some casinos, a high roller bonus code has to be entered before you can make the deposit. After the transaction is successful, you should see the bonus money or free spins added to your account.

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While the online casino bonus is active, there will be a max bonus bet limit as well as certain behaviors marked as irregular plays. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact customer support; in some cases, an online casino may even offer super high rollers a special deal when they contact them to ask about it.

VIP Programs

VIP programs are the ultimate ‘bonus’ for the highest of rollers. Not only do they offer bigger online casino bonuses with higher frequency, but these programs also include birthday/anniversary gifts, a VIP manager, tailor-made deals, faster withdrawals, higher payout limits, and access to exclusive tournaments and events.

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Depending on the casino and the different levels of the VIP program, you can attempt to get into them in different ways. Sometimes, a huge first-time deposit is enough to catch the casino’s attention. Other times, VIP programs let players join in when they’ve accumulated enough points by leveling up their casino account.

Some top VIP levels, however, are invite-only, as in the casino manager will decide which players deserve entry to the club. If you’ve already been a VIP at multiple casinos though, there’s a high chance you will be contacted to join the VIP program from the very beginning.

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