Legal Battle Unfolds After Roulette Mishap at Off-Strip Vegas Casino

In a legal face-off commencing on September 25, 2023, at Clark County’s eighth judicial district court, an Off-Strip Las Vegas casino finds itself entangled in a lawsuit stemming from an unfortunate incident involving a roulette ball. The plaintiff, Dalease Brown, a local resident, claims that her ordeal unfolded at the Gold Coast hotel-casino on October 28, 2021, due to the dealer’s alleged negligence in rolling the roulette marble “in a negligent and unsafe speed/manner.”

Brown, represented by Kevin Hanratty of the Hanratty Law Group, contends that the roulette ball, propelled with excessive force, struck her left eye, causing severe injuries. The Las Vegas Review-Journal reports that the marble “ricocheted from the roulette wheel and violently struck Plaintiff in her left eye at a high rate of speed, severely injuring Plaintiff.” Hanratty notes that his client experienced immediate and agonizing eye pain, resulting in permanent damage to her vision. Post-incident, the casino’s security documented the event, and Brown sought prompt medical attention at a local hospital.

This lawsuit highlights the uncommon yet perilous incidents involving roulette balls in casino settings. Similar cases have been reported previously, such as a Washington DC resident’s 2015 lawsuit and a 2012 incident involving a New Orleans resident. However, the legal outcomes of these cases varied, underscoring the intricacies of such legal proceedings.

Boyd Gaming, the operator of the Gold Coast casino, is yet to respond to the allegations leveled by Brown. The lawsuit seeks damages exceeding $15,000, encompassing severe pain, medical expenses, and the enduring impairment Brown has faced due to the incident.

From Bats to Roulette Balls: Unconventional Hotel and Casino Incidents

This recent legal tussle involving a roulette ball injury is not the only unusual occurrence in the realm of casinos and hotels. A lawsuit against MGM Resorts, filed by a group of Arizona guests, centers around a live bat encounter at the New York-New York Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. In this separate incident occurring during their April 2022 stay, Marcus Rucker and his family stumbled upon a bat in their hotel room, raising concerns about rabies exposure.

Despite reporting the issue to the hotel, the bat was improperly disposed of, preventing rabies testing. As a result, the Rucker family and two visiting children underwent painful rabies injections. The lawsuit, seeking over $15,000 in damages, alleges emotional distress, suffering, medical expenses, lost wages, and disruption to daily life. From flying roulette balls to unexpected bat encounters, these incidents underscore the unpredictable nature of events in the casino and hotel industry.

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