Top Trends in Crypto Gambling | 2022

Crypto gambling has grown from a small community of iGamers to a mainstream phenomenon in just a few years. Most gambling sites and even entire sports organizations now provide and support crypto services. This has completely legitimized gambling with crypto and grown the space tremendously. 

The exploding popularity and uniqueness of the blockchain sparked new ways people enjoy betting games. Take a look at some of the top trends in crypto gambling in 2022.

Bonus Buy Battles & Tournaments

One of the main criticisms of slots is that they can’t be enjoyed with friends like poker or other social gambling games. Bonus Buy Battles is a social gambling trend popularized by crypto casino streamers such as Roshtein and DeuceAce on Twitch that fixes that problem. 

The idea is simple, put two or more bonus buys against each other and see which one comes out on top! Whichever bonus buy game makes the most money, wins. 

roshtein streamer

But this is just the basic concept behind Bonus Buy Battles. Many players have been putting their twist on it. Some compare the performance of slots in a form of a slot tournament and others use it to battle their friends. Many online betting companies actually offer an in-web feature that lets players battle each other and the winner takes it all!

This is one of those exploding online gambling trends that could easily become an implemented feature in the online gambling world. Slots would finally have a multiplayer option with community betting features which would make them even more competitive.

Crypto & NFT Sports Betting

The sports betting scene is undoubtedly what elevated crypto gambling to a whole new level. Betting on sports with fiat these days is simply inconvenient and almost counterproductive, given all the benefits crypto gambling offers. And with the NBA, MLB, NFL, and NHL all minting their own NFTs, and the world’s largest gambling companies such as Stake signing UFC athletes, there’s almost no reason to not use digital cash.

Betting on sports with crypto is slowly but surely turning from a trend to the customary way of doing things as these major events unfold. Punters are now encouraged to gamble with digital currency not only by the gambling sites but also by the actual sports organizations as well. 

nft on mobile

When you use an official betting partner of a sports organization you’ll reap all sorts of benefits including bonus money or even free PPVs (pay-per-view). This means that if you’re a frequent punter, switching to crypto could save you money and you get to watch events for free!

What’s more is that the entire trend seems to be going even deeper. Many sportsbooks like DraftKings are working on gamifying sports NFTs even further. So, we can expect many more exciting blockchain integrated ideas in the future.

Crypto Casino In-House Exclusives

Another defining characteristic of crypto gambling are all the unique crypto casinos. Have you ever felt like Plinko or Crash games play differently across gambling sites? Well, that’s because many online casinos have their very own unique version! Some casinos offer exclusive games provided by their very own software and other times they work with iGaming developers on exclusive deals.

These online gambling apps are completely unique and, unlike regular casino games, can only be found in-house. These casino games tend to be simple ones like Plinko, Limbo, Rollercoaster, Dice, or Hi-Low. Nonetheless, the differences are often significant.


Some of the most modern crypto casinos take it even further and gamify your bankroll. Through an in-house exclusive currency, they allow you to yield farm or stake straight from your balance! Never before has the casino industry offered gamblers the opportunity to earn passive income. Exclusive and special features are what give online casinos their identity. Gambling online feels more inclusive, almost like belonging to a special club, which is why so many people enjoy this trend.

Crypto eSports Betting

The rise of digital cash also heavily contributed to the resurgence of digital sports betting. Ever since its creation, eSports has always struggled with legitimacy and being viewed seriously. When the scene initially came into the competitive world, many sports analysts, professionals, and even punters scoffed at the idea of legitimizing online games.

gamers tournament

However, as we all know, crypto is synonymous with gaming. One of the primary reasons for the creation of crypto was to support the gaming community needs. The cryptosphere is filled with younger generations who understand the intricacies of online games, which is why eSports gambling is now more popular than ever!

In the past, gambling operators with an eSportsbook were a rare find. Betting on video games was therefore extremely hard. Not only that but also extremely inconvenient and filled with horrible odds and deals. Nowadays, virtually every crypto casino with a regular sportsbook also features eSports betting since the demand is so high.

Metaverse Casinos

Behind NFTs, the Metaverse is for sure the second most prominent trend worldwide. Luckily for iGamers, Decentraland’s casinos combine the best of those two worlds. 


Although crypto casinos are all around great, some people have been getting bored of the simplistic gameplay of mobile gambling with 2D slots or even live dealer games. Metaverse gambling is an easy choice for such players. Besides just gambling, you’ll be able to walk around and experience a fully developed virtual world in its glory and essentially, live another life.

It’s the perfect place for people who love to stay immersed but need a break from betting every now and then. With the Metaverse, you can easily replace a walk in the nearby park with a walk in a virtual one. No matter the day, hour, or weather!

What is the best crypto gambling trend in 2022?

Hard to say really. Whenever a new online gambling trend emerges it always seems better than the last. New technologies are constantly emerging and with it new complex trends. 2022, has already been an amazing year for the online gambling industry full of novel ideas. 

In any case, you shouldn’t feel pressured to adopt a certain playstyle just because it’s hot at the moment. Ultimately, trends hold value only if you enjoy them.

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