The Guide to Sticky and Non-Sticky Casino Bonuses

Taking advantage and optimizing different casino offers is probably the best way to get the odds on your side. During your hunt for the best casino offers, you have definitely come across the term sticky/non-sticky, which refers to different types of casino deposit deals where you receive bonus funds.

Reduce the House Edge via Casino Promotions

Smart gamblers should always look for ways to lower the casino edge to maximize their bankroll profits. Learning and finding out little details about different online casino bonuses could make or break your whole gambling experience. Learn all you can about sticky/non-sticky bonuses and casino bonuses in general, to maximize your cashing out potential. 

What Are Sticky Bonuses?

Sticky bonuses, otherwise known as “phantom” or “non-cashable bonus”, refers to their main characteristic of being non-withdrawable. When you receive sticky bonus money the amount gets added to your deposit balance but cannot be withdrawn.  

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The basis of this casino offer is to present players with a chance to have fun and enjoy their time gambling for a longer period. However, once they decide to cash out, the bonus amount will disappear from their account. The good news is that the winnings made during these betting sessions are withdrawable.  

What is A Non-Sticky Bonus?

A non-sticky bonus aka the parachute bonus is pretty much the opposite of sticky ones. Non-sticky bonuses are withdrawable but not instantly. You are allowed to keep whatever remains of your bonus money after fulfilling the casino site’s wagering requirement. 

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This bonus is usually preferred by the majority of casino players since it’s generally seen as less complicated. However, you also need to understand the wagering requirements and what’s expected of you to cash out your balance. Up to 30x in wagering requirements is seen as an industry-standard while wagering requirements of 40x+ are considered as not favorable for the players as they are not easily reachable.  

Sticky Vs Non-Sticky Bonuses

Sticky bonuses are probably the more common type within the online casino world, but each of the types has different benefits so it could all come down to the player’s specific preferences.

Why Choose Sticky Bonuses?

When you withdraw money from your balance, the sticky bonus will “disappear” from your funds and that’s why many players refer to the type as “phantom”. However, sticky bonuses tend to be much larger than non-sticky ones. As casinos don’t need to spend any real money to add to your funds.

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A lot of sticky bonuses offer players sometimes up to 400% match on their deposit, which allows players to make their bankroll management more flexible. Since you get to keep the winnings, the online casinos are basically paying for your fun time and you go about your day as usual. However, this might not be the best choice for inexperienced and newer players that come to the gambling scene.


  • Huge deposit matches of up to 400%
  • Opens doors and the potential to win bigMoney is given upfront
  • Commonly offered
  • Ideal for high rollers


  • Non-withdrawable
  • More Risk

Why Choose Non-Sticky Bonuses?

Non-sticky offers are just overall less risky and perfect for players just looking to have some fun. The deposit match can be withdrawn without too many complications other than rollover conditions. 

These cashable bonuses are most of the time awarded to casino customers upon signup and the initial deposit but their amount is much smaller than sticky ones. The amount differs from casino to casino but the percentage value usually lies between 50-100% match deposit.


  • Withdrawable
  • Less risky
  • Easy & Less complicated
  • Ideal for gambling newcomers


  • Significantly smaller sums
  • Less potential of winning big
  • Less common and frequent promotion


It’s clear that both types have their own benefits. You should take your time assessing which option is the best for you. The main point is to be familiar with different kinds and types of bonuses before signing up for any program. The most common mistake among players is neglecting to read the casino website’s T&C and mistaking a sticky bonus for a withdrawable one.

Make sure to avoid misunderstandings at all costs possible when dealing with real money and take your time reading through the terms and conditions, which is an absolute must.

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