Play-To-Earn Game ‘Ember Sword’ – Everything a Player Needs to Know

Ember Sword could very likely be the long-awaited game that will revive the MMORPG genre. The metaverse game possesses promising sandbox features combined with a community-controlled economy that can earn you money in the real world. The most promising and rewarding aspect is the virtual land for sale. Read on to find out more about this revolutionary component of play-to-earn games.

What Is Ember Sword?

ember sword game

Ember Sword is a free-to-play, cross-platform, fantasy MMORPG that ticks all the boxes. Players are able to pick and customize their character and home regions. These regions offer unique scenery, creatures, and quests that reward special non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that you can exchange for popular cryptocurrencies.

Ember Sword Gameplay

With its cartoonish style and isometric view, the gameplay of Ember Sword is very similar to Albion Online. The philosophy of the developers is focused on gameplay first with promising PVE end-game content, smooth PVP, and a lively economy. The world itself is split into four playable nations: Solarwood, Duskeron, Edisau, and Sevrend. These nations represent playable factions, which are further split into three territory biomes with unique features and benefits.

  • Kingship Territory – is a peaceful area controlled by the community. Strictly for PVE, quests, gathering resources, etc.
  • Wilderness Territory – is where adventure and exploration begin. You can find rare and valuable items, which you will battle for against players from opposing factions.
  • Outlaw Territory – is a free-for-all zone where anyone can attack you. It is the most dangerous end-game area found on the edge of the map between 2 factions. You’ll find the most unique items and establish camps with your friends and guildies. 

Each of these territories also spawn powerful world-bosses that require a large number of players to defeat them. These powerful monsters drop exquisite items and valuable cosmetics that can be sold and traded as NFTs, which can be later on liquified into real money.

Premium PIXEL Tokens

Besides NFTs the game’s economy features a premium currency – the PIXEL Token. This unique currency will be used for in-game shop payments. The same token will also be generated by in-game sources of revenue like land or player marketplace. These tokens will be scarce, highly valuable, and ERC-20 compliant. Early adopters will hold PIXEL in hopes that it increases in value much like the in-game token for the play to earn blockbuster Axie Infinity, SLP (small love potion) did.

ethereum coin

ERC20 tokens are blockchain-based assets that can be used on the Ethereum platform and provide similar functionality to bitcoin, ether, or bitcoin cash, meaning they can hold value and be sent or received. Players can therefore exchange this token for ETH and eventually into real money. 

Own Land In Ember Sword Metaverse

The selling point of Ember Sword is definitely its land system that can almost serve as a form of passive income. Owning land within Ember Sword is a shared and social experience where players distribute 50% of all revenue with other landowners. Players on each piece of land can use it for a variety of purposes, but the most active owners receive the biggest rewards.

As a landowner, you’ll receive a percentage of the real-life revenue generated by the area around your plot. The land plots have 4 main types that players can own. These include:

  • City
  • Town
  • Settlement
  • Regular

Cities and towns will be much more expensive and likely owned by a larger party or guild. Owners of these metropolises will get rewarded handsomely for managing larger and busier areas. Ember Sword will feature 160,000 land plots in total, with the largest area consisting of 400 plots.

Players of course don’t necessarily need to own land to enjoy the game but the investment has great benefits inside and outside the game.

Property Earnings & Distribution

The world is scattered with all sorts of random dungeons and monsters that have the potential to drop sought-after tokenized cosmetics. As a landowner, you’ll earn passive income through these events without the need to own or sell any NFTs yourself. There are 2 ways of earning money through property ownership. 

  • Drop Location
  • Sell Locations

When the cosmetic item drops on the ground, the landowner of that property gets a small bonus. Furthermore, if the player that received the NFT was to sell this item in a settlement, 7 percent of the total sale goes to nearby land plot owners (20×20), which are divided up in a variety of ratios.

Distributing the 7% of the sale among owners within a 20×20 plot radius happens instantaneously and is rationed out according to land type multipliers.

Land Type Multipliers

Land Type


Regular plot


Settlement plot


Town plot


City plot


Initial Land Offering

Even though the game is scheduled to launch in 2022, the developers of Ember Sword, Bright Star Studios have made it possible to preorder and reserve land plots. The initial sale happened on the 27th of May and was a great success.

In the initial land offering the developers sold 12,000 land plots in the nation of Solarwood, which is one of the four nations of the game. The sale became a huge success with Bright Star Studios selling over 5,000 land plots in the first 30 minutes.

The starting price of a lordship costs around $40 or 0.015 ETH. This amount would get you the regular plot which is roughly the size of the game screen.

In Summary

Ember Sword is a new and upcoming blockchain game that combines MMOARPG with MOBA-like elements. The combat is fast-paced and flashy while maintaining an intricate progression system that will have you hooked for months. Exploration, building, and crafting are some of the main features that truly make this sandbox game feel like a second home.

The title has been making waves in the gaming space due to its exciting housing system in the form of land ownership. 

MMOs fans have always dreamed of a dynamic and in-depth housing system that impacts the game. However, even some of the most renowned and well-funded games have failed at this aspect. Ember Sword capitalizes on what players really want and their model seems like an actual solution. Moreover, the initial land offering was a great success making players even more thrilled for the game’s release.

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