Myths That Paint Online Slots in a Bad Light

Online slot games receive a lot of underserved stigma from society. This mostly stems from negative portrayals of casinos in movies – the old Hollywood clichés where a big winner gets beat with their money taken in a dark alley.

Luckily, things are changing. With more physical casinos being built and the market for online casinos expanding, people are going to get a better understanding of what slots are all about and debunk some long-standing myths along the way. 

It’s Impossible to Win Money Playing Online Slots

Surely most slot players have heard this somewhere: “It’s a scam! Slot games are rigged!”

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These people think the games are run on a program designed to take money from them. To debunk this myth, it’s important to know about RTP. This term stands for Return To Player, which is a percentage indicating how much a slot will pay back to a player.

However, the catch is – RTP is calculated over millions of spins. So while no slot has over 100% RTP, in a normal session of hundreds to thousands of spins, it’s entirely possible to make a profit.



Online slot games are programmed not to let players win.

Online slot games are programmed to give casinos an edge over millions of spins. In normal sessions, players can absolutely win.

So yes, slots run on a program. And this program ensures that casinos have an edge in the long run. But anything can happen in a particular moment, which is what makes slots so fun!

Casinos Lie About Slots’ RTP

Some people hold on to the belief that casinos will display a ‘fake’ RTP rate on their slots to trick players. First thing first, casinos have no say in a slot’s RTP. The game developers do.

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Second, most developers allow players to see the history of their spins. Players can use that to see how close their winning rate is to the actual RTP. If there’s any suspicion, that slot will be boycotted immediately. After all, you know how fast information spreads these days.



Casinos display incorrect RTPs on their slots.

Casinos are not involved in slots’ RTP. Game developers audit their games intensively to make sure the RTP is accurate.

It would be against any developer’s interest to display an incorrect RTP rate. In fact, they have to spend a fortune auditing their games for accuracy.

Free Demos Let You Win More Money Than The Real Games

Most online slot games have a demo version where you can play for free. Many claim the demos are designed to let players win more. This, once again, is just a myth.



Free demos let players win more than the real games.

Demos and the official games are the same. Players just care more when they lose their own money.

This myth results from the fact that people play differently with real money. They have a stronger emotional connection to their own money so every loss seems more significant than when they play with free coins.

You Can’t Win with Bonus Money That Casinos Give You

This myth is more like a conspiracy that online slots can differentiate between your money and the Bonus Money from casinos. So they won’t award any win for the Bonus Money. These people claim there is no other reason why some casinos would grant you free money to play.

casino bonus

First of all, there are plenty of reasons why casinos provide players with bonus offers right from the get-go: marketing, expanding the market to new players/demographics, enticing old players to continue playing… In addition, online slots are very strictly regulated and scams like these will be detected in a heartbeat.



You can’t win with Bonus Money that casinos give you

Online slot games can’t tell between players’ money and Bonus Money.

Look no further than in January 2014, a Dutch player known as A.F won a Jackpot of €738,479 while playing Major Millions Progressive Slot. And yes, he was playing with a 50-euro gift from the casino for his birthday!

If You Win Too Much, Online Casinos Won’t Pay You

Some people still believe in those movies where a lucky player gets beaten in a dark hallway for winning too much. This is simply not the case in real life. The RTP ensures that casinos make a profit so there’s no reason why they won’t pay you.



Casinos won’t pay you if you win too much.

Most casinos will pay their players, except for the very few cases of casinos being shut down.

Of course, this can still happen if the casinos get shut down for bankruptcy or other legal issues. The best way to avoid these is to choose good, reliable casinos to play in.

Online Slots Encourage Underage Gamblers

Online slot games are famous for their colorful, modern graphics. And the fact that the games are online make some people think any underage person can just hop on a computer to play it with real money.

21 underage

Underage gambling is a serious issue, so casinos go to great length to prevent it. They require a credit card and verified ID from players to make an account and to deposit thus enduring the person registering is of legal age. 



Online slot games encourage underage gamblers.

Online casinos go to great lengths with different kinds of documentation to prevent underage gambling.

A child can still use their parents’ credit card and create a fake account in their names but these cases are few and far between. Besides, this is hardly the casinos or online slot games’ fault.

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