Finland – Unique Online Gambling Hub

Finland, a country known for its numerous lakes, Santa Claus’ village, Nokia, and saunas, is also a highly respected online gambling hub. In this Nordic country, casino players are enjoying top-level service while operators get to explore a wide range of business opportunities. 

Here are the biggest reasons behind Finland’s rise to fame in the online gambling world.  

1. Encouraging Business Environment 

Although Finland has a limited number of land-based casinos, the situation is quite different when it comes to gambling websites. The approach of the Finnish Government to keep the monopoly over the land-based gambling establishments has fueled the growth of online casinos. Another big reason why online operators feel welcomed in Finland is due to the state’s pretty loose restrictions. 

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All things considered, it’s not a surprise that Finnish online gambling market is booming! After all, with not-too-demanding restrictions, high-quality casino content, and an adaptable market, it’s understandable why so many operators are wanting to break into this market. And with a richer online casinos offering, players in Finland are happy as well. 

2. Following Technological Trends 

Finns are not shy when it comes to following the latest technological trends. As the country of forward-thinkers, Finland has always embraced the fresh and exciting aspects of technology so it comes as no surprise that more and more players are using mobile gambling apps. 

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In 2021, the percentage of players accessing gambling websites via their mobile phones has increased by an amazing 10% and it shows no sign of stopping. As the number of smartphone owners increases, so does the number of those who use smartphones as a main vessel for online gambling.      

The first online casino in Finland was opened back in 1996 and today Finns have at their disposal a wide variety of standard and live casino games they get to enjoy online. Finns have always been tech savvy and they will without a doubt be welcoming to all upcoming trends that will shape the future of the gambling industry.    

3. Socially Beneficial 

This might sound a bit weird but a Finnish Government is encouraging gambling through their projects that are beneficial for the entire community. Basically, they are pushing gambling as something where even when you lose, you win. How? All the income from the gambling facilities owned by the state is going to social projects that improve education and the environment. 

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In a way it has created the atmosphere where even if you gamble, you are doing something good for the community. Interestingly, this attitude has produced slot machines in places such as supermarkets, service stations, etc., something which is not usual for other European countries.  Although some would argue that the state being so heavily involved in the industry is not the best decision, it’s undeniable that both the country and the operators have profited from it.  

4. Love for The Game

One of the reasons Finland’s gaming community is getting bigger and bigger is due to the love Finns have for gaming itself. Certain surveys suggest that Finns really enjoy gambling, with over 50% of adults actively placing bets in casinos and the number doesn’t even include those playing in foreign casinos. The biggest operator in Finland has ended 2019 with record revenue of 13 million euros. 

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When you have this type of the gambling atmosphere among the people of a certain community or a country, it’s reasonable to conclude that the gambling industry will expand even more in the years to come. Understanding this as well as the fact that certain players develop a gambling addiction, the Government has made sure there are regulations in place that promote responsible gambling and protect players.

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