Crazy Time by Evolution Gaming – The Most Popular Live Casino Game Ever!

Live gaming is the new wave of online casino action that is capturing the hearts of gaming thrill-seekers. Crazy Time is a great example of why people love live gaming so much, so let’s take a closer look at exactly what it is.

What is Crazy Time?

Crazy Time is an online game show that takes live gaming to new levels of entertainment and interactivity. Developed by Evolution Gaming, Crazy Time is filmed live in a studio with professional and entertaining hosts and high production values similar to what you would see on a traditional game show. The key difference is that there is no contestant on stage. Instead, the host initiates all of the games and the viewers act as the contestants by betting on the results.

Games Included in Crazy Time

Crazy time is essentially a mashup of chance-based bonus games, all of which stem from a money wheel.

The Money Wheel

Crazy Time is played by the host spinning a huge wheel similar to what you might see on Wheel of Fortune. There are 54 segments on the wheel, most of which have a multiplier written on them. Online players can bet on one or more of the segment types before each spin, and they will win money if the wheel lands on one of the segments they bet on.

crazy time

When the wheel is spun and lands on one of the numbered multiplier segments, the winning players’ bets are multiplied by that number and returned to the players. A few of the segments have the name of a bonus game written on them. If the wheel lands on one of those, winning players get to participate in the bonus round written on the segment.

The number of each numeric multiplier segment and bonus round segment on the wheel are as follows.





Coin Flip

Cash Hunt


Crazy Time









After bets have been placed, a random bonus multiplier is applied to one of the eight segment types on the wheel.

Crazy Time Bonus Games

There are four bonus games that appear on the Crazy Time main wheel. They are:

Coin Flip

coin flip

Two random multipliers appear on both sides of a coin – the multipliers are usually in the single digits, but they can be up to 1000x. Players participating in the coin flip bonus round choose one of the sides. The coin is flipped, and the players who chose the multiplier that comes up get their initial bet on the main wheel multiplied by the number.

Cash Hunt

cash hunt

In this round, multipliers ranging between 5x and 100x appear on the 12×9 board. After a few seconds, each multiplier is hidden behind colorful symbols and the symbols are then mixed up. The players participating in the Cash Hunt bonus round each pick one of the symbols after they have been mixed. Finally, the symbols are removed from the multipliers and each player’s initial bet is multiplied by the number under the symbol they selected.



A large glass wall to the side of the main wheel has dividers with a range of multipliers – generally from 5x to 200x – displayed at the bottom. The host drops a puck into the wall, and the ball ricochets off the obstacles along the wall on its way down. The participating players’ initial bets are multiplied by the number in the divider the ball lands in.

Crazy Time Bonus Wheel

crazy time bonus wheel

There’s only a 1 in 54 chance the Crazy Time bonus will be activated each time the main wheel is spun, but it’s very exciting when it does. The host steps through a red door to another room with a colorful and animated background and another larger wheel. That wheel has 64 segments with multipliers on each of them, and the multipliers are much larger than on the main wheel. The lowest of the multipliers is 10x, and they go all the way up to 200x. There are even a few “double” or “triple” segments that trigger respins of the Crazy Time bonus wheel with those additional multipliers applied.

Why Do Streamers Love Crazy Time So Much?

Since Crazy Time was released in June 2020, it has become a huge hit with popular Twitch streamers like Roshtein and many others. Its popularity is no fluke, either as Crazy Time is a perfect streaming material.

Check Out Roshtein’s €125,000 Win on Crazy Time

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Every segment of Crazy Time is a different experience, providing flashy new visuals to keep the viewers engaged. Even segments of the same game are very different from each other because they live host is always providing unique off-the-cuff commentary about the results. The brightly colored costumes and sets are always changing, too. All of this variety and interactivity helps to keep the viewers engaged.

As if that weren’t enough to keep viewers glued to their screens, the multipliers possible in Crazy Time are absolutely huge. Streamers frequently capture themselves experiencing the pure excitement and bliss of a big win, and it makes for some great viewing.

How Can I Play Crazy Time Myself?

To play Crazy time, follow these steps.

Step 1. Log onto an online casino that has Crazy Time in its gaming catalog. 

Step 2. Use the search box on the casino landing page to search for Crazy Time and click on the game link.

Step 3. If it’s your first time at the casino, you’ll be prompted to enter personal info like name, contact, and ID number. Make sure the data you fill in is the same as on your ID document because you’ll have to upload it for KYC approval before withdrawing any winnings you may earn.

Step 4. You’ll usually be prompted to fill in your payment info. You may have to click on the payment tab yourself, usually located in your account settings menu. You’ll also need to choose how much money you want to deposit. Keep in mind the sign-up bonus amount for that casino, as it may affect your choice.

Step 5. Once you’ve deposited some money, just search for Crazy Time again and click the link to open the game!

Step 6. You’ll be taken directly to the live stream of the game – no download required! Before the host spins the main wheel, you’ll have a few seconds to select your bet denomination and place it on one or more of the segment type boxes at the bottom of the screen.

Step 7. Don’t forget to use the in-game chat function to talk directly to the host (who will answer questions during the stream) and to your fellow players! Crazy Time is already a super-fun concept, but the easy chat feature takes it to the next level!

Evolution Gaming studio has been proving over and over again that they are the leader in the Live Casino Gambling market. Crazy Time, an immensely fun and engaging game, is to this day the biggest hit the provider released

However, that doesn’t mean they don’t tend to push the industry limits further and present players with highly rewarding gaming experiences. Recently, Evolution unveiled Cash or Crash, a live game with simple rules and thrilling gameplay that’s going to keep players on the edge of their seats.

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