Chisora: I made a page on OnlyFans, sometimes I can slip a picture of my penis there

Celebrity British boxer Derek Chisora decided to share the details of his preparation for his fight against Tyson Fury with fans.

“As you may know, I started an OnlyFans account. People think I show myself naked there. No, I’m not. It’s about my upcoming fight with Fury. It’s where I show how I’m preparing for next week. Showing what I’m eating. You’re going to love what I post. Sometimes I might slip a picture of my penis in there. I’m kidding,” Chisora said.

Recall, the third fight between Chisora and Fury will be held in London on December 3. The previous two were won by Tyson. If “Gypsy King” wins this time, probably in February-March, 2023 he will meet with Alexander Usik for the title of world champion. At the same time, the Internet is discussing the Corinne Kopf leaked nudes.

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