2021 – A Record Winning Year for Casinos in The United States

For the casinos in the USA, the year 2021 is one of the most important yet! According to the figures released by the National Gambling Trade Association, the American casinos won more money this year than ever before. The record-breaking figure is $44.15 billion! 

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Before this year, the record-holder was 2019 with $43.65 billion. However, with 2021 surpassing that number for almost a billion by October, it’s obvious people were really craving real casino experience.

Bill Miller, the president and the CEO of the American Gambling Association, said: 

“The gaming industry is on its way back!”

During the second quarter of 2021, pretty much every state that allows casinos has seen a significant rise in revenues compared to 2019. This is true for 22 out of 25 states while 19 out of 25 states were showing this upward movement even in the first quarter.   

The states that are leading this trend are Nevada, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey.  


Money Collected

Rise Compared to 2019 


$3.46 billion 



$1.21 billion


New Jersey 

$1.11 billion


Sports Betting and iGaming 

In October 2021, Americans wagered $7.05 billions on sports in 25 states and raised the total yearly amount to $42.19 billion. Compared to 2020, when only 17 markets were operating, this figure has doubled. After paying off all the winning bets and other expenses, the sports betting operators were left with $408 millions, surprising the $405 million monthly record set in September 2021

During the pandemic times, the weight of the whole industry was pretty much on the iGaming sector. The internet gambling 2020 rise in popularity was not surprising due to the extremely difficult global circumstances but this upward trend has been evident throughout the 2021 as well. 

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The $1.55 billion revenue for 2020 was surpassed in the first 6 months of 2021 with online gambling operators cashing in $1.66 billion. Keep in mind that only 6 states (Colorado, Iowa, Massachusetts, Michigan, Pennsylvania and South Dakota) allow this form of gambling while Connecticut became the 7th one this past October when it passed the sports betting and online gambling law.

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