What is Casino Bonus Abuse?

Casino etiquette does not only apply to land-based casinos, but to online ones as well. Being labeled an online casino abuser is equivalent to getting your name written in the infamous Black Book. Casino sites are merciless when it comes to abuse and they’ve been known to revoke bonus money and in worst cases freeze accounts. Leaving them unable to withdraw.

Understanding The Casino Bonus Abuse

Bonus abuse is known under many names. Every one of them refers to the exploitation of promotional gambling rewards. Online casino sites will go above and beyond in order to satisfy their customers. And luckily for you, the industry standard is to give away free money. Lots of free money!

Casino bonus

However, when casinos or sports betting sites create a promotional reward, they make it in mind for each person/customer. These rewards have terms and conditions that for example, restrict the number of times you can redeem them. However, players have been finding loopholes and workarounds to claim promotions without eligibility. This exploits casinos and their generous rewards.

Why Casinos Hate Bonus Abusers—And You Should Too

Although the obvious reason is that casinos are losing their money, at the end of the day so are the players. Bonuses that are claimed by the wrong person just take away from another. 

Gambling sites adjust their giveaways according to their earnings. So, if a group of the same people always take away and never give back, these gambling sites will have to lower their rewards. Ultimately damaging innocent punters.

Fewer free spins, bonus funds, lower cashback percentages, etc. for the community. This kind of behavior simply hurts all parties in the long run including blameless players that never took part in bonus abuse.

Different Types Of Casino Bonus Abusers

Cunning players have developed all sorts of methods to abuse bonuses at casino sites. Most of the time, casino bonus abuses are deliberate actions. So, unless you actively look to exploit gambling sites you shouldn’t be too worried about breaking the rules. Nevertheless, you should familiarize yourself with different casino abusing methods in order to avoid them.

Bonus Bagging

This is a tactic used on sports betting sites and it’s essentially a betting strategy that utilizes bonus whoring to the fullest extent. Like said before, gambling sites face massive competition. To keep up, sportsbooks offer ridiculously juicy deposit matches and other bonuses.

These abusers go from site to site claiming multiple bonuses, aiming to only complete wagering requirements. Once they meet the terms they are able to withdraw. They moreover bet in a mathematical manner known as matched betting. Placing bets on all possible outcomes on many different games simultaneously.

This will guarantee them a small profit if done right. Any small profit is good for a bonus bagger since they have no intention of playing again after wagering requirements are met.

Casino Whoring

Bonus whoring, also known as bonus hunting, is somewhat similar to bagging. However, it’s mostly present in online casinos. The somewhat harsh term ‘whore’ is used because these abusers will play any game at any casino that gives them the most money.

A truly responsible gambler only plays on a handful of casino sites. Building status and relationship with the house can give you numerous benefits such as a prestigious VIP status. Bonus whores are often short-sighted and think in a temporary manner. 

The most common bonuses casino whores look for are blackjack, Texas hold ‘em, and baccarat. Where they furthermore play with the lowest possible stakes. Staking with a few dollars at a time in order to squeeze out as much ‘enjoyment’ as possible.

Creating Multiple False Accounts

Although technically a promotion can be claimed per account, they are designed to be obtained once per person. This is the most common way players abuse online casino bonuses. Some even do it without malicious intentions because they didn’t read the terms and conditions properly. Creating multiple accounts under false names, or under someone else’s identity is strictly forbidden in online gambling. 

Deceiving the casino by concealing your identity is a big taboo and actually quite easily detectable. Most people that use this basic abuse tactic aren’t aware of so many things the casino can see. They can detect your IP, ISP, browser type, operating software, and even the timezone of your computer. 


A simple VPN might buy you some time but it won’t hide you forever. A small slip up and you’ll put yourself at risk. Damaging your reputation with your online casino in the process.

Bonus Duping

Bonus duplication is similar to multiple account creation except that it’s done on a single one. This is a borderline hack achieved through a server-side mistake that a player exploits. This can be achieved in a number of ways, which shouldn’t really be delved into.

The important thing is that if you find a server bug do not exploit it. For example, If you find a casino-side error that would help you bonus dupe deposit bonuses, you should immediately notify customer support instead.

What Is The Punishment For Casino Bonus Abuse?

Casinos are truly ruthless when it comes to breaking TOS. The penalty for bonus abuse is the confiscation of bonus funds and any winnings. In the worst-case scenario, you’ll even lose your initial deposit. Some casinos might even take it a step further and completely ban your account and you as a player. Forever, restricting access to their site and potentially to many more.

Is Casino Bonus Abuse Worth It?

It is definitely not recommended but you are of course free to do as you like. Casino bonus terms and conditions are hardly the law. Breaking them wouldn’t cause any major real-life consequences like jail time. Becoming a bonus abuser could potentially earn you real money as some people have claimed. You’ll find countless courses on the topic selling you on the idea.

However, you’ll find yourself in a sticky situation. As you’ll quickly realize that most of them sound very much like any other get-rich-quick scheme. And If making big money is what you’re after, gambling isn’t the hobby for you regardless. You should then seriously reconsider playing casino games online.

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