Things All Gamblers Hate

The online gambling community is quite diverse and rich when it comes to products they offer to gamblers. After all, gamblers are different humans with distinct personalities, preferences, and pet peeves, so to cater to their needs, the operators and providers are developing new games and generous offers constantly. However, every community generally shares a common enemy that nobody can stand. 

These are the 6 things that most gamblers hate with a passion!

Laws Restricting Gambling

Gamblers obviously love to gamble, so there’s nothing easier to hate than the government restricting gambling in any way. In a day and age where alcohol, cigarettes, and even land-based casinos are legal, it is very frustrating to see online gambling banned in many states. There is literally no fundamental difference between gambling online and in real life. 

law gambling

What’s more, gambling laws and regulations change so frequently that it’s confusing to keep up. In the US particularly, 2 neighboring states can have total opposite laws regarding online gambling, sports betting, lottery…so many players have to find alternative ways such as using VPN or cryptocurrencies to gamble.

State-run lotteries are also an eyesore to many gamblers. When you think about it, it doesn’t make sense how the government should be the monopoly of gambling activity. If they let people open up their own lottery services, gamblers could enjoy more options with better odds. State lotteries infamously have the worst return-to-player rate among most forms of gambling.

Horrible Odds

True gamblers know that you can’t win in the long run and they view gambling as a form of entertainment. But the worse odds a game has, the faster players will burn out their bankroll and that’s simply infuriating. Some slot machines, for example, have an RTP of below 90% — this is easily frowned upon among the gambling community since the standard is 96%.

lose slots

However, at least in a casino, you can choose a game with a favorable house edge like blackjack. Sports bettors are the ones suffering from bad odds the most, especially for more obscure sports because there are not that many promoters to create good competition.

Bad Etiquette From Other Players

A supposedly entertaining time gambling in a high-quality casino can easily be ruined by other annoying fellow gamblers. There always seems to be at least one person who screams angrily when they lose, affecting the good vibe of others. Or else, some people would intrude in your personal space and just stare at your playing.

Bad etiquette perhaps happens the most often at poker tables. Poker players tend to take pride in their skill so they can take things too personally and become super intense. Some players also love to taunt and make fun of others for losing, show their cards or be rude to the staff for no reason.

poker player

Superstition is another form of annoying behavior that many gamblers hate. Superstitious gamblers will insist they take your slot machine spot because it’s the ‘lucky’ one or they will yell at you at the roulette table when you say certain numbers out loud.


A gambler wants to know the exact stats when a new online slot comes out but many sites just provide contrasting information. Even worse is when ‘gambling gurus’ give horrible advice that they promise will overcome the house edge, ultimately making new gamblers waste a lot of money.

Besides, there is so much misinformation online that gives gambling a bad rep. Many people believe that gambling is a scam and you will never win, which is not the case since the house edge only takes full effect in the long run. All the stereotypes of a compulsive addict in the media that villainize gamblers are not always correct either; most gamblers are functioning members of society who just want a bit of fun.

Bad Casinos

A casino is a place where gamblers frequently hang out, whether it be online or physical. So, they have a particular distaste for bad casinos and wouldn’t mind telling their fellow gamblers about it.

online casino

The first sign of a bad casino is little to no bonus offer. Nowadays, the online casino market is extremely competitive so gamblers have little tolerance for those that don’t treat their customers well. Customer service not available 24/7 is not good enough, difficulty regarding withdrawals is an absolute no-no. Don’t even get started on scammy casinos — that kind of thing will make just about any gambler’s blood boil.

For land-based casinos, gamblers can’t stand those that are too crowded, have few tables, and bad AC. In addition, rude employees and incompetent dealers/croupiers will just add to the disaster.

The Speed of The Game

Casino games tend to divide into 2 groups: those that go by too fast or those that are too slow. Real-life table games and live games can be too slow as players wait for the dealers to collect the chips, shuffle and deal the cards.

slot playing

In contrast, online casino games and slots go by so quickly that you can get lost in a trance and lose all your money before realizing it. Depending on the type of gambler, sometimes it’s a real struggle to find a game that is balanced

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