The Pros And Cons Of Using Mobile Gambling Apps

In a world run by the internet and smartphones, many casinos made sure they are providing players with mobile-friendly platforms. This means the players get a premium user experience no matter where they are and what time it is by simply launching an app on their phone. 

Gambling on a go via smartphones and tablets sounds like a lucrative proposition but are they really worth trying? Or maybe you should stick to good ol’ browsers? 

The Advantages of Mobile Gambling Apps

Mobile Apps Are Convenient

One of the biggest perks of gambling via mobile platform is that slots and other games are easily accessible. The fact that you can just take out your phone and gamble anywhere is the prime reason why these apps became so popular among online casino players.

man on phone

You can actually save a ton of time by playing during the dead moments in your day like while you wait in a bank queue. It is so much easier to take out your phone for a few quick games of slots than to find a place to set up your laptop.

No WiFi Needed

One thing personal computers have over phones is that they provide a stronger connection to WiFi. But everybody knows just how frustrating it can be when the WiFi is down. You will never have to worry about this using mobile gambling apps since all smartphones incorporate 3G/4G as a backup connection.

It’s Easier To Choose A Casino

AppStore and GooglePlay have a built-in review system where you can see all other users’ compliments and criticisms for a particular casino app. This greatly helps you choose a good casino and avoids scams. To do this on PCs, you have to do your own research on Google.

Besides, mobile apps keep you automatically updated if you want to. You can also check to see what bugs are fixed or which new features are added in the new update.

Better Bonus

bonus on phone

The mobile gambling industry is getting more and more popular. This pushes online casinos to invest in their mobile customers, and many do this in the form of first-class bonus offers. As a mobile user, you can find exclusive bonuses that are not available to players logging in via computer. In addition, mobile apps will send you a notification every time a bonus is on offer so that you won’t miss a single one of them.

The Disadvantages of Mobile Gambling Apps

Fewer Options

Unfortunately, most people still gamble through online casinos’ websites, and many casinos have yet to catch on to the mobile gambling boom. As a result, mobile devices have fewer casino apps and games to choose from.

Small Screen


This may not be a deal-breaker for many players since graphics are not the main appeal of casino games. That being said, many modern online slots are created with utmost sophistication regarding their visuals. So with a small phone screen, you won’t get to enjoy the full-blown visual experience of these games.

Limited Battery

If you’re a casual player, this probably won’t be a big problem, but, for people who gamble online every day, the smartphones’ battery may not sufficiently satisfy their needs. Granted, the full battery of good smartphones can last you for many hours, but what happens when you forget to charge your phone and leave the house with a 49% battery?

Mobile phones are used 24/7 for all sorts of purposes, from business communication to personal social media announcements. A dead battery means you could miss an important call from a business partner or a family member so you need the battery fully functional until you have a chance to recharge it. 


The average person has up to 40 apps on their phone. From basic messages, social media to games and work emails, everything comes with notifications. It can be extremely distracting when you’re trying to make a good decision in blackjack and your phone keeps popping up with notifications.

This is especially bad when you’re playing live dealer games as they only give you a limited period to make a decision. Supposing you get a good hand and somebody calls you, now you’ve potentially lost a decent sum of money depending on your bet.

It’s Easy To Lose Track of Time

clock time

If you’ve ever scrolled through Instagram in bed before going to sleep only to realize that you’ve been there for hours, mobile casino games can do the same thing, or even worse. The convenience of mobile gambling can be too convenient to put down sometimes.

Should You Use A Mobile Gambling App?

This boils down mostly to personal preferences. If you’ve never tried mobile apps before, it certainly is worth giving it a try. The pros of gambling on mobile devices are undeniable, while many of the cons can be worked around. For example, you can carry a portable charger to combat the battery concern, turn off pop-up notifications to avoid distraction, and set alarms to remind yourself when to stop.

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