Roshtein Kicks Off Amazing Christmas 2021 Casino Streaming Extravaganza

With winter holidays fast approaching, the most popular casino streamer Roshtein has launched his amazing Christmas 2021 celebration on his Twitch channel. Starting December 1 and everyday till the 25th and the most joyous holiday of the year, Roshtein’s followers get to win numerous prizes. Let’s see what the casino streaming maestro has in store for his loyal TROOPS! 

Roshtein’s Xmas Calendar 2021

This special part of the Roshtein’s daily streams starts with Rosh in Santa’s costume. After his Halloween special, everybody knows how Rosh looks with a long white beard but he can apparently really rock the legendary red suit as well. So, what gifts is Santa Rosh bringing and how do you qualify? 

roshtein xmas 2021 calendar

Well, first there is Roshtein’s Xmas Calendar 2021 where the daily prize is determined by playing Money Train 2. Rosh plays the slot until all the reels are opened and one of the special symbols lands on the 1st reel. These special symbols are important because they determine which prize you get to claim. Now, this can happen on a first try or it can last for quite some time. Luckily, on the first day his followers didn’t have to wait for too long and the winner got to choose between PlayStation, Xbox and Apple TV. Yeah, those are some mighty sweet gifts!!!

There are 2 ways for you to enter this competition and maybe win these great prizes. The first one is to join “Xmas Raffle ” on Roshtein’s discord channel. It’s open everyday for 15 minutes, starting at 18:00 CET (9 AM PST/ 12PM EST) and everybody is welcomed to join. The second way is by buying tickets.    

Plink My Tree – New Festive Version of Plinko 

The game Roshtein kind of fell in love with this year was simple yet mesmerizing Plinko. We saw him land some breathtaking wins but also facing some serious losses while trying to hit those multipliers. So, it’s really fitting that he is bringing a new festive look to the now legendary game. To fit the holiday mode, the new look is also accompanied with the new name – Plink My Tree

roshtein plink my tree

The rules of the basic game have remained the same but Santa Rosh has decided to spice things up for the winter holidays and give his TROOPS a chance to win extra points and some special gifts. The goal of Plink My Tree is to decorate the Christmas tree with 30 balls. When that happens the winner will be selected and rewarded with a mystery gift. 

Now, there are 3 types of balls that can end up on the tree – the purple one is triggered by 1,000x multiplier, red one by 130x multiplier, and yellow one when the session ends in profit. The purple one brings followers 10,000 points, the red one 1,300, and the yellow one 500 points. In one session 1,000 balls will fall down the Plinko grid and each one of them has the value of $1,000. Remember, this is going to occur every day till Christmas and hopefully TROOPS will get to open their goddamn satchels and fill them with points frequently. 

Santa Rosh Brings Joy to The TROOPS

Once again Roshtein has shown why he is the leading and most watched casino streamer on Twitch. Not only is he an entertainer par excellence but he also knows how to show gratitude and bring some more joy and light to the lives of his followers during this special time of the year. So, hop on this extraordinary winter ride and enjoy the countdown till Christmas like never before. 

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