Roshtein Celebrated Holiday With A Special Easter Stream

Roshtein did it agian! The king of online casino streaming has prepared yet another amazing stream filled with thrilling surprises for its community. This bonus opening was truly unique and special, in the Easter theme. 

The chat went wild as soon as Rosthein hopped into the screen. Quite literally, in an adorable bunny costume. To make things even more special, his entrance was followed by the song made just for this occasion. 

Roshtein's Easter Special

Rosh first wished a happy Easter to everyone and thanked his followers for tuning in, before proceeding with the first set of surprises prepared for the holiday. From his bunny suit to colorful eggs, everything was spot on the theme. Including the main attraction, called Egg or Beg. 

Egg Or Beg 

On this special occasion, Roshtain had a unique treat for his followers in a form of an Egg or Beg mini-game. For every win of 300x the bet, he asked his community to choose one of the following options:

  • Egg – Guaranteed 200 points + 1 egg
  • Beg – Risk and win up to 600 points + 3 eggs

The point of the mini-game was to collect a total of 9 eggs and reveal the mystery prize. It was so suspenseful and thrilling that it became the focus of the stream.

However, the second Beg option came with a twist. When selected, it showed three eggs and a top-ranked casino streamer on Twitch left it to his fans to choose one to be opened. The one with the most votes was cracked, displaying a prize. It is risky because the egg can have a big prize, a smaller one or be a complete dud with no reward whatsoever. 

When the first Egg or Beg was activated, the Beg feature prevailed with incredible 80% votes. The choice has fallen to egg number 2. It turned out to be the perfect selection as this egg contained the max prize of 600 points plus 3 eggs

Roshtein's Easter Special

The bonus opening in Buffalo King Megaways slot by Pragmatic Play resulted in a win of $120,960 and another Beg mini-game picked. This time, the community has chosen egg number 1. Incredibly, once again the egg revealed the top reward of 600 points and 3 eggs.

The Bowery Boys slot ended up producing $81,300, triggering the mini-game where the followers decided to risk it one more time. Here the first egg was opened, giving a decent 100 points and 1 egg.

The next round of Egg or Beg came just around 15 minutes later with a $325,200 win from the purchased bonus round in the Warrior Ways slot. Selecting the Beg mode didn’t paid off this time around as the selected egg was awarded solely 50 points, with no additional eggs. 

From the first opening of the Unleashed the Beast bonus, the Gladiator Legends slot showed its potential. In minutes, Roshtein won $193,500 and started another Egg or Begg where the community picked the safe Egg with 200 points plus 1 egg. 

In the Rocket Reels slot, Rosh hit the $157,625 and a reasonable Egg option was selected by the community, bringing the total of gathered eggs to desired 9. Still, Rosh didn’t want to reveal the mystery prize just yet and continued to keep it a secret while also awarding extra 100 points for every egg drawn from the mini-game. 

Roshtein's Easter Special
In the sixth hour of streaming, Rosh managed to hit the biggest win of this stream of $510,750 in Wanted Dead or a Wild. Sure, it’s not even near his record-breaking $17 million in this slot, but is still an excellent win that got everyone 500 points.

Roshtein decided it was a perfect moment to end the suspense and reveal the mystery prize. A big egg with a question mark on it covered the screen. Rosh cracked it and… 


Everyone got the incredible 5,000 points while one lucky, randomly drawn person end up with an additional $5,000. That was a prize worthy of wait, but the streamer added another twist. He decided to draw a few followers randomly and buy bonuses for $5k in the Gate of Olympus slot. If there’s no profit for the person, Rosh has moved on to the next winner until the profit was made.

To make things better, like every Sunday it was time for Weekly Raffle Wheel as well. After the wheel, the bunny tapped out thanks for yet another great stream and amazing weekend, letting “the real” Roshtein take over the rest of the stream. It was yet another incredibly entertaining session from the best online casino streamer. So many surprises, so many twists and so many rewards have certainly made Easter much happier for his community. 

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