Most Popular Gambling Superstitions Around The World

Every gambler knows that luck is an important ingredient to the betting sessions. While the concept of luck is abstract, just because we can’t measure it doesn’t mean we cannot directly affect it. Here are some of the most interesting and bizarre superstitions that people believe bring good fortune.

Lucky & Ill-Fated Numbers

Even the most skeptical person has a lucky number. Or at least a number that they gravitate to the most. These numbers are the ones we automatically think of in our subconscious or the ones we actively pick because of personal significance. Whatever is the case, lucky numbers seem to be the most popular superstition that people swear by.

These numbers are used for anything from betting tactics on roulette to a number of bets in a gambling session. There’s actually a whole numerology science system behind lucky and unlucky numbers that date back all the way to Ancient China. 

lucky 7

In these complex numerologies, the most widely regarded lucky numbers are 7 and 8, while the most unlucky numbers are 13 in the West and 4 in Asia. This superstition is so popular that casino businesses themselves had to adjust entire blueprints for their customers. As a result, Las Vegas casinos do not have a 13th floor, and all Chinese and Macau buildings do not have a fourth floor as the number four signifies death.

Dress Code 

“Something Old, New, Borrowed, and Blue”

Just like weddings, gambling has its own set of prosperous rules. Lucky pieces of clothing, color, or matching group outfits are all some of the most common superstitions that people utilize all the time. Going to a casino is always a thrilling occasion and many people love to dress up accordingly.

Whether it’s their lucky pajama pants or the suit that got them their dream job, besides getting imaginary fortune points it’s important to look and feel awesome when betting!

lady in red

It also wouldn’t be a proper superstition if the Chinese didn’t have their unique spin on it. In Chinese culture, red clothing is associated with wealth and success. Chinese gamblers that are serious about winning will almost always wear at least one piece of red clothing to signify lucky status. In the words of Conor McGregor “It’s red panty night!”

The Itch to Win, Or Lose

The itchy tell comes from Europe and mostly Serbia where it’s a common superstition that itchy palms predict your next outcome. So is it a bad or good sign? Well, this belief has layers that have quite contradicting conclusions.

Some people believe that an itch in your hand indicates bad luck overall, while others separate it into two completely different tells. According to old Slavic folklore, an itch in your left palm means there’s money coming your way and an odd feeling in your righty means trouble. 

itchy palm

Gamers that believe in this tell, either stop their gambling session entirely or leave everything at hand to wager some money in their nearest casino. Luckily, the convenience of online casinos makes this superstition very easily actionable.

Lady Luck

Besides being an old classic movie, lady luck refers to the women’s intuition, which is a powerful thing. Some people believe you can manifest said psychic-like powers through physical actions. 

A beautiful girl blowing luck on playing dice is probably one of the most iconic casino scenes ever. This tradition dates back all the way to the beginning of gambling when street players would blow on dice to simply clean them of dust, according to historians. 

lucky lady

The superstition must have become a thing after some time when people started to notice the dice get ‘luckier’ when it’s done by a woman gambler. Or perhaps it was simply the fact that the women got their attention in the first place.

Are Superstitions Bad?

Superstitions might seem pointless to some but at their core, they are fun and harmless ways that shape your playstyle and make your gambling sessions unique from others. No matter how the majority views these beliefs, the fact remains that they can be neither factually nor scientifically proven/disproven.

Whether you like to wear red underwear or believe in the gambling Santa Claus, as long as you’re not hurting anyone in the process, all power to you.

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