Incredible $17 Million Win – Roshtein Breaks His Record Once Again!

The king of online casino streaming, one and only Roshtein, has broken his personal best on Wanted Dead or a Wild slot by Hacksaw Gaming once more! Yup, the master did it again. This time, the streamer broke his record by winning over 17,5 million dollars!

Rosh often finishes its streams by opening bonus rounds in Wanted Dead Or A Wild slot, and this one wasn’t the exception. Last but certainly not least in the streaming session, the game paid off big time. 

Once again, the streamer has managed to get a whopping win from this slot – an incredible $17,550,000! And from the base game nonetheless!

Watch Roshtein Winning Over $17 Milion:

Roshtein was in a great mood during this super-fun stream, especially after DeuceAces joined via live phone call somewhere in the middle. The atmosphere was quite positive when Wanted Dead Or A Wild came to turn.

In the very first bonus opening of this slot’s feature Dead’s Man Hand, the streamer hit a $300,000 win from the Showdown round, marking seemingly an excellent start. But, things have gone down to hill from there, followed by one dead spin after another. 

The streamer has opened the Duel in Dawn feature more than dozen times, without any impressive wins. Rosh commented that the game was a snooze, while Jay was joking it’s the fault of retrograde Mercury. 


Before this slot, the streamer’s balance was slightly over $2m. He played bonus rounds with $500 and organic spins with a $1,500 bet per spin. When he decided to give the game its last chance, his balance was around 552k.

But without pain, there’s no gain, so the streamer reluctantly continued to spin it. As always, he had the full support of his followers, as well as DeuceAce who recalled how this was exactly what happened to him with this slot before hitting an amazing $1.9 million win. 

After yet another unsuccessful Duel at Dawn feature, Rosh decided to play without purchasing any more bonuses. He was done, but then the magic happened. 

In the base game, the streamer hit elusive VS symbols on all five reels with multipliers of 4x, 2x, 3x, 25x, and 5x. Such a combo produced a massive win of over $17,5 million, making the streamer jump up and down in disbelief.

Roshtein winning $17 million on Wanted Dead or A Wild slot

Although Roshtein has spent approximately $1.5 million and was ready to drop this slot, one spin in the base game turned things completely around. Just when it seemed like Wanted Dead Or A Wild has run its course, it surprised everybody.

Especially the streamer who broke his personal best in this game just a month ago by winning over $16 million. The new record of $17,5 m is just a cherry on a top of yet another fun streaming session with major twists and turns. 

What a way to end a stream!

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