How to Stay Focused for Long Slot Betting Sessions

Video slots might be super fun machines full of excitement and flashy animations, but they can also be exhausting and sometimes stressful, even for passionate players. Spinning reels isn’t a regular hobby like golf. Hard earned cash is on the line and to truly enjoy these games you need to be in it to win it. Gambling requires your full attention and focus to maximize your results.

Focus In The Video Slot World

To the naked eye of a casual player, video slots are as simple as “sitting and clicking”. In that case, so is chess or eSports. Gaming in general might not necessarily require physical effort but nonetheless, it can still get extremely exhausting

eye focus

Gambling requires a different kind of strength, which is your mental focus. The ability to focus for multiple hours to manage your bankroll efficiently. Video slots keep getting more advanced and complicated so trying to keep your cool while wagering real money can be very draining and stressful.

Your Surroundings Play A Huge Role

Even while not actively aware, you’re always mindful of your environment and surroundings subconsciously. The key of keeping good focus is to limit and minimize all elements unrelated to your playing session. Limiting your playing space to only essential and required objects will let you immerse yourself better inside the games and focus only on the task ahead.

The environment you surround yourself with can create or reduce stress and therefore affect your attention. Having someone watching over your shoulder and constantly bugging and annoying you will make you lose focus, put unwanted pressure on your play style, and make your overall experience that much worse.

Improve Your Focus With Just A Few Easy Tricks

Seeing everything clearly will primarily make you a better player. But staying aware for long periods is sometimes impossible with other things going on in your life. “Just focus” or “Just be calm” are very taboo phrases that are often thrown around but don’t work. 

businessman yoga

Your focus is the matter of your subconscious where it’s much easier to tunnel your attention if there are fewer things to worry about. These tips will help you to live a minimalist life and maximize your concentration to achieve maximum profits.

Leave Chores Behind – For Now

Having something small like a dirty laundry basket beside you will constantly remind you of all the other stuff you need to do and ultimately make you lose focus and more money. 

Your daily chores are important but there is time and place for everything. 

During your playtime it’s time to spin, there’s money on the line and you need all your focus and attention on the game, nothing else exists at that very moment.

Tune In To Your Favorite Gambling Twitch Channel

Having distractions is generally a bad thing but watching other passionate players on the same grind as you will only inspire and immerse you even more. Sharing your experience with an online personality will help and remind you to keep playing instead of looking around and losing focus.

rosh win

Your spins can sometimes get stale and actionless for a moment and you might tend to get distracted but a Twitch stream in the background will keep you entertained and focused on the same mission. Open your favorite twitch stream and surround yourself with his/her like-minded community. 

Ventilate your room

Proper breathing and oxygen supply for your brain is essential for keeping focus. Playing for multiple hours in the same room without good ventilation will only give you headaches and distract you from the gameplay.

It’s impossible to enjoy anything with a stabbing feeling in your head, losing money while sick will only make you more tilted. Loud noises or bad smells will impact your game and all the wrong ways. 

Mute Your Phone

phone no sound

As mentioned before, gambling is a serious hobby and you need to center your willpower on it alone. Turn your phone off for potential unwanted distractions like work or Facebook/Instagram notifications.

Improve Your Desktop and Wallpaper

Just like your surroundings, everything needs to be organized. With so many hours spent on the computer, your PC probably feels like a part of your life now. Not like a cyborg but in a safe haven kind of way. Where coming back to the computer screen feels like second nature. 

Messy desktop icons or a stale windows wallpaper will throw you off every time you start your computer. Organize your playing space and refresh your old wallpaper into something new and exciting. 

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