How to Play Plinko in Online Casino?

The name Plinko has long been associated with the TV show The Price Is Right, but recently it has also become a phenomenon in the world of online gambling streams. The most-watched casino streamers on Twitch such as Roshtein and DeuceAce have fallen in love with the minimalistic yet exciting gameplay of Plinko. 

Although very simplistic in terms of visuals and rules, Plinko is packing some serious winning potential. Roshtein, probably one of the biggest fans of this casino game, has spent hours playing and managed to land a whopping $2 million betting on Plinko. 

roshtein plinko win

The popularity of Plinko doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon so if you want to join in on the hype, this article will tell you all you need to know about where and how to play Plinko!

Where To Play Plinko Online?

The 2 most popular providers of Plinko games are Spribe and BGaming, which are available at many online casinos. You can try out the demo mode at the official providers’ websites but if you want to jump into real money betting immediately, many casinos in our network, such as Stake and PariMatch, are able to meet your Plinko demands.  

Also, Plinko doesn’t discriminate when it comes to payment options. Players who prefer gambling with cryptocurrencies can enjoy the game in the same way as those who are depositing fiat currencies into their casino account. 

How To Play Plinko Game in Online Casinos?

In Plinko, there is a triangle-shaped board of pins and once your bet is set, the ball is dropped from the top. When the ball is falling, it hits the pins causing it to change directions, eventually settling down in one of the boxes below the pins board. 

plinko stake

Each box contains a different cash reward described by the bet multiplier – 0.2x, 0.5x, 2x, 22x, 1,000x, etc. The smallest prizes are located in the middle section but the bet multipliers in the boxes increase as you move towards the edges of the triangle.

Adjust The Bet Size

The first step to play Plinko is to choose the bet size, which usually falls into the range of $0.1 – $100 but can be higher. Choose a comfortable bet size but remember: Plinko on autoplay has a faster pace than most casino games so you might want to bet a little more conservatively.

Set The Number of Pins

Yes, you can decide how big your Plinko board will be. Basically, the number of pins represents the volatility level: fewer pins help you win more often but smaller prizes while more pins help you win bigger, although not as often.

For example, in the BGaming version, when you’re playing Plinko with 8 lines of pins, the maximum payout is 29x and the odds for it is 0.78%. When you increase the number of lines to 16, the max payout becomes x1000 but now you only have a 0.003% chance of winning it.

There is no right way to set the number of pins but if you’re on a tight budget, it’s recommended to play with fewer pins to make the gambling session last longer.

Choose The Risk Level

As simple as the Plinko game is, it allows for a great amount of customization to satisfy all types of players. Being able to set the risk level allows players to have a certain amount of control over the game’s variance. 

plinko game

There are 3 variance options to choose from: low, normal and high risk gameplay. As you switch between the levels, you will see that the multiplier value on the boxes changes accordingly. High risk yields high rewards but decreases the winning frequency. If you don’t plan on dropping many balls down the board, it’s best to stick with low to normal risk.

Manual or Autoplay

Just like online slots, players can play the game manually or use autoplay. However, when Plinko is in autoplay mode, many balls will fall down the board at the same time, each one being a bet, so the gameplay is much faster than in slots. This is something every player should have in mind when setting the bets as they can see their budget melt significantly and very fast. 

Depending on different Plinko versions, you can autoplay with all 3 risk levels at the same time, each level represented by a different ball color. Also, you can set how many bets/balls you want and the autoplay will stop after that number. You can still click ‘Stop’ any time you want.

Provably Fair Game

Plinko comes with a stamp of a Provably Fair game so after you play, you can check if the results were actually random. Basically, Bitcoin casinos will provide players with a casino hash and client hash before any bets are made. After a bet, a different seed will be available and you can check if that seed matches the original hash.

The actual checking process varies between casinos, so you should look up the casino’s FAQ or Provably Fair section to read instructions on how to do it.

Tips for Playing Plinko Online Casino

The result of each ball played in Plinko is completely random, so there is no strategy to win at Plinko. But for beginners, there are things to keep in mind that will improve their Plinko experience:

  • In contrast to slot games, Plinko is guaranteed to reward players a prize every time. However, remember that the prize has to be above your bet for it to be considered a win. New players often think they’re winning more than they actually are due to this effect.
  • The game is Provably Fair but make sure you’re playing it in a licensed and regulated online casino. Don’t forget to also check the casino reviews.
  • As with all forms of online gambling, look at Plinko as a means of entertainment, not a way to make money/earn cryptocurrencies.
  • Plinko has many variations with different rulesets. Take a minute to test the water first with minimum bet before going all-in.
  • If the game allows it, always set a specific number of bets in autoplay as opposed to letting the stream of balls roll down until you feel like stopping. It’s easier to manage your money this way: many players hit ‘Stop’ way too late.
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