How to Build a Slots Streaming Channel on Twitch

Broadcasting your passion to thousands of people as a profession is relevant now more than ever. Chasing dreams and streaming on was a very successful career choice and path for many people. Live streamers like Roshtein today make living spinning slots and have fun every day with an enormous number of followers on Twitch.

Making First Steps 

One of the first and most important things you’ll have to do is choose a name for yourself. The name of your twitch account will stick with you throughout your live streaming journey. Your community will call you by this nickname in the online world and in order to get a new handle a new account must be made. So, choose wisely. 

social media apps

After that, you have to ensure you are present on all popular social media platforms (Twitter, Facebook, Discord, Instagram, YouTube, etc.). Create social media accounts and treat them with care as they are going to be an important channel for communication with your followers.

Invest In Your Channel

Just like tossing a coin into that slot machine – life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all. It is a gamble and a risk. If you really want to become a live steamer and an influencer you need to take that jump and risk it. Live streaming is a very relevant and legitimate career choice and you should treat it seriously. 

Get A Good Computer Even For Slots

Slot games aren’t very demanding in terms of computing power. While the average computer might run well during long betting sessions, streaming is another layer of pressure on your computer setup. Getting a top-notch machine is essential so viewers don’t go bored from endless loading screens and switch to another channel.

desktop computer setup

Having a decent computer is the start but not the end of the story. As an online personality, you need to hold up to the standard and make sure you invest in good equipment such as:

  • Mic
  • Webcam
  • Lighting

Stand Out In The Crowd 

For actual live broadcasting, the only thing you need is a good internet connection. In theory, as long as you have access to WiFi you could go live from your phone completely for free. That should give you a perspective on how easy it is to broadcast in this modern era.

The ease of access to live streaming fills the slot section on Twitch with dozens of channels at all times that you’ll compete with. When browsing through these channels you can notice a lack of viewership that is no doubt due to the poor quality of their overall setups which reflects their efforts. 

If you want to stand out in today’s market you need to make sure your gameplay is smooth and uninterrupted. Little things like off and unsynced audio or choppy video quality during key winning moments will make viewers turn away and no one will come back.

Make A Custom Overlay

Investing money is important but your effort counts just as much. Put some time into your edit panels and tailor it specifically to your playstyle. You can also use free overlays, built into OBS and create multiple scenes. 

Build A Twitch Following

roshtein following

The viewers should always be the main focus. Your followers and eventual subscribers are the value of your twitch channel. Luckily as a slot streamer you have your target audience already picked out. Being yourself and having fun is the number one tip.

Follow The Trends

Many live streamers got famous for their unique personality and others for being at the right time at the right place. Well-known Twitch streamers got their big break only from playing popular video games like Fortnite or League of Legends.

The slot section on Twitch is big and only keeps getting bigger. While it’s important to feel like yourself and just enjoy your favorite releases, people want to see diverse gaming content. Keep in mind that a little change won’t hurt your live stream. After all, hundreds of games are being released each year with exciting bonus features so you will have a wide variety of titles to choose from.

Some of the things every serious casino Twitch streamer should do include:  

  • Reacting to viral clips of other streamers
  • Playing the viral slots
  • Bonus hunt openinging
  • Playing multiple slots at once

Interact With Your Viewers

Interacting with your live viewers is the best way to grow your Twitch streams, and also the most natural one. If you seem like a fun and outgoing person, people will love to hangout in your channel.

Treat your viewers like your best buddies, let them have the option to pick slots to spin or adjust your wagers from time to time. Do things like polls, Q&As, ask for music suggestions to lighten the mood, basically anything in order to make your Twitch channel as interactive as possible.

Use Social Media Like Youtube To Highlight Your Best Moments

youtube home page

There are a lot of places that let you post your clips but Youtube is by far the best one. Highlights are extremely easy to make and only take a few seconds with Twitch’s clip feature. Save your best moments and upload them onto your Youtube channel. Short clips full of actions are a great way to let new viewers know what you’re all about.

Add Graphics And Information To Your Twitch Description

Having an active streaming schedule is important but you cannot stay live forever. When your Twitch channel is offline you want to make sure your audience has every opportunity to get to know you. Adding some basic and short information about yourself will help tremendously.

Investing some time or hiring a designer to make some colorful graphics will increase the chances of a viewer taking a quick look and understanding more about your channel. 

Promote Your Twitch Streams

Spreading your name across the internet is the best way to grow and build your gaming streams. You’ll meet new people from all kinds of places along the way and make great friends in this chapter of your life.

Raid/Host Other Streamers At The End Of Your Broadcast

One of the best places to make friends is to use the embedded /raid “name” function, and hand off your viewers to another streamer when you’re ready to go offline. This will encourage other streamers to host you back, which will build an audience and better relations with other hard-working live streamers in the slot section.

Network With Other Gambling Streamers

roshtein deuceace

Collaborating and networking is a big part of growing your stream channel. Slot games are easy to play and therefore even easier to enjoy with others. Interacting with other streamers has a great entertainment value for the viewers and feels like a Marvel crossover.

Announce The Start Of Your Stream

Once you have your stream-exclusive social media accounts locked and loaded, it’s time to announce that you’re going live. Whenever you start streaming, announce what video slots you’re going to play and with whom, maybe even attach a selfie. Keep in mind that fans and other streamers might share/retweet your announcement which will even alert viewers that don’t yet know you.

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