Get Ready for DeuceAce’s 2nd Anniversary Party

The amazing DeuceAce casino streaming channel is celebrating the 2-year anniversary on Twitch on August 31, 2022. Get ready for a casino streaming party of the year and join the special stream on Wednesday!!! 

Jay and Adam, the amazing hosts of DeuceAce channel, have prepared a special treat for all the viewers who join them on this special day. The anniversary party starts at 16:00 CET on Twitch and Jay and Adam made sure this is going to be the night their viewers are going to remember for a really long time. 

jay adam streaming

It’s going to be a true streaming extravaganza! Viewers are going to travel down the memory lane with Jay and Adam, reliving some of their favorite DeuceAce streaming moments from the past 2 years. The winners of the special giveaway, organized to celebrate this important date, are going to be announced live on air. DeuceAce is a slot-streaming channel so you can also expect some mean reel-spinning action from the guys as well as special appearances from some of their casino streaming friends! 

There is no doubt that DeuceAce’s 2nd anniversary party is going to be an extraordinary night for both Jay and Adam as well as for those who decide to celebrate this special occasion together with them. You are all invited to join them on Wednesday at 16:00 CET! Get ready for a stream filled with excitement, laughter, and many surprises!   

DeuceAce Twitch Channel History 

DeuceAce channel was started on Twitch by Jay in 2020 and it has been constantly growing ever since. At the moment, the channel has over 250,000 followers with thousands and thousands people joining in to watch each stream. Appearing first on the stream on his childhood friend Roshtein, the most popular casino streamer on Twitch, Jay fell in love with the community and decided to give streaming a go. Two years later, DeuceAce channel is the place where people gather to have fun, enjoy slots playing sessions, and chat with Jay. 

In the beginning of 2022, DeuceAce channel got another host with Jay’s friend Adam joining him on Twitch. Adam being a fun-loving and chill guy clicked with the community right from the get-go. Although he never planned on becoming a streamer, he was encouraged by Jay to give the whole casino streaming thing a try. He did just that and not long after realized that he really loves the whole process of playing slots live on Twitch while talking with the viewers. And the rest is, as they say, history!

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