Fast Withdrawal Methods for Online Casino Players

The one thing land-based casinos do better than online ones is their withdrawal speed. Unless you’ve won a jackpot, a brick-and-mortar casino will let you cash out and walk away no questions asked. The best online casinos do in fact match the speed but only with the correct withdrawal methods.

The Fastest Online Casino Withdrawal Methods Ranked

The days of drawn-out wire transfers are over. Online casino players can finally skip multiple week-long waiting periods just to receive their own money. Online casino sites are all about snappy action since that’s what the customer demands. In order to compete with other sites, they try to one-up each other and offer the fastest withdrawal methods. The following ones are the fastest of them all.

1) Cryptocurrencies

crypto coins

The king of fast and almost instantaneous withdrawals is obviously crypto such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether, or Ripple. Since cryptocurrencies are decentralized they do not need to be verified by a central entity. This eliminates lengthy processing procedures and simply transfers money from the casino site straight to you.




$2 – $4





Getting into crypto today is easier than ever. Opening your own crypto wallet takes just a few minutes and you can easily buy almost any tokens on exchanges like Binance or CoinBase. By using crypto you’ll moreover have and even some juicy promotional bonuses since online casinos love crypto. 

2) eWallets

Another amazingly fast online method is eWallets. Services such as Paypal, Skrill, and Neteller are supported on the majority of gambling sites and allow casino players to withdraw instantly. You’ll of course need to first set up your eWallet account and verify your identity there. For players that have this already sorted out, eWallets are a great option.









Some eWallets like Paypal moreover support multiple currencies including cryptocurrencies. You can juggle between fiat and crypto whenever withdrawing according to your needs. eWallets are fast, secure, and extremely reliable due to their customer service. Unlike with crypto, transactions are refutable which can be a good thing depending on your preferences. In case of a mistake, your funds can be salvaged.

3) Paysafecard

Paysafecards are an old but reliable method to withdraw your online casino winnings. Both deposits and withdrawals are extremely fast. Paysafecard provides flexibility for online payments by allowing you to pay and receive money using a 16-digit PIN number. Once you receive your money you can either reuse the balance or just send it straight to your bank account. 


Within 24 hours




$300 – $2500



While fast and great for average casino players, it is not the best option for high rollers. Paysafecards have a transaction limit of around $300 ($2500 on premium accounts). The method still works great in a pinch, but it isn’t the most dependable long-term solution.

4) Credit And Debit Cards

credit cards

Credit cards will always be a reliable payment option. Whether you choose this for withdrawals or deposit methods, you simply can’t go wrong. Although much slower than all of the above-mentioned methods, it is still superior to the classic wire bank transfer. A withdrawal to your Visa or Mastercard should take around 3 to 4 business days.


3 – 4 Business Days






Trusted & Very Secure

Although not instant, it still might be a better solution than eWallets or Paysafecards if you’re planning to send the funds to your bank account anyway. Direct withdrawals to your matching credit cards also have much higher limits. The biggest downside of this method however is that it’s not widely supported by online casinos.

How To Cash Out Online Casino Winnings?

Now that you know what online casino withdrawal method to look for, let’s go over how to actually cash out efficiently.

  1. Play your favorite online casino games and win.
  2. Make sure your casino account wagering requirements are fulfilled.
  3. Go to the withdrawal page of your online casino and select your preferred method.
  4. Verify your identity (only if required).
  5. Wait through the estimated time provided by the casino.

What Affects My Online Casino Withdrawals Speed?

Your chosen payment method isn’t the only factor that affects withdrawal speed. Your online casino might just be slow in general or you’ve been given higher priority due to your status. All of these following aspects play a big part in the withdrawal process.

Quality Control Of Your Online Casino

Everything comes down to the actual choice of your online casino. Don’t be surprised to see your withdrawal arrive three months late if you’ve chosen a lousy online gambling site with horrible reviews. 

review status control

These kinds of casinos will do anything to prevent money from leaving their site, no matter what you do. Before you even deposit make sure to verify the legitimacy of the online casino and check reviews. From there you can pick the best instant payout online casinos.

Your Status

What makes withdrawal processes too long is mostly security. Players often ask why deposits are instant but withdrawals can take days on end. This is because the person sending it has all the responsibility while the person receiving it has none. Online casinos are well-positioned to receive deposits because they can… well… trust themselves.

However, if an online casino sends money to the wrong recipient they’re in trouble. Big trouble. Transactions need to be verified multiple times over for this reason, in order to ensure the right person is receiving it.

vip status

This is where your status plays a part. If you’re a long-time trusted player or even a VIP member, your withdrawal processes will be prioritized. Casinos can give you this privilege since they are already familiar with you.

Betting Style

Another thing that fastens the transaction time is the transaction amount. This directly correlates with your betting style and whether you’re a high roller or just a casino game enthusiast. Casinos generally pay out small amounts without further information (no KYC) just like land-based casinos. However, if you’re a high roller or want to withdraw a jackpot you’ve just won you’ll need to verify additional information.

KYC Verification Procedure

If you’re looking to withdraw large amounts and you’re not playing at a “no KYC” casino, your withdrawal will further be delayed with identification verification. Casinos do this to:

  • Confirm you’re of legal age
  • Ensure responsible gambling. 
  • Prevent problem gambling. 
  • Confirm money ends up with the correct recipient.

This is luckily only done once and once you pass the verification (usually up to a few days) you’ll be free to withdraw as much as you’d like.

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