Evolution Presents Its First Live Slot Game Named Crazy Coin Flip

Evolution Gaming is known as one of the top providers of live casino content and now it presents a completely unique format. Crazy Coin Flip game is something unseen before as it combines the best element of slot and live dealer gameplay. 

The bonus round alone is super exciting and offers the chance to turn accumulated multipliers into even greater multiplied payouts. However, this isn’t your typical bonus round found in most slots – you will get transferred from stylish slots action into an exciting live gaming experience. 

Crazy Coin Flip

This innovative release consists of three thrilling phases and it will surely be a smash hit with both slots fans and live casino games lovers. The objective of the game is to get to the live bonus game where many amazing things await. 

How to Play Crazy Coin Flip? 

Crazy Coin Flip starts like a regular slot composed of 5 reels and 4 rows. This is the qualification phase that has three spin modes: Normal spin, XXXtreme spin and Super XXXtreme spin. 

Your base bet will be the one set in the Normal spin mode, while the rest two variants when activated serve to help you to qualify for the next phase faster and offer more frequent multipliers. XXXtreme option guarantees one Scatter in each spin at the cost of 5x your base bet, while Super XXXtreme spin mode guarantees two scatter symbols for each spin but comes at the expense of 50x the base bet. 

Crazy Coin Flip - qualification phase

Speaking of multipliers, some Scatters might land with these valuable modifiers that are added together and passed to the next stage when you get qualified. How to get qualified? It’s quite simple – just hit three Scatters in one spin. 

Once this happens, you enter the Top-Up phase where you can boost the multipliers. Constructed as a 3×3 slot machine with red and blue coin symbols, each containing a multiplier value, this stage is time-sensitive. 

Until the clock stops, win multipliers by collecting three coin symbols of the same color in the middle row. The values of the won multipliers are summed together and added to the total Top-Up multiplier for the won coin color. 

Crazy Coin Flip - top up phase

When the time has run out, you will be transferred to the live Coin Flip bonus round. If you have qualified just before the bonus round begins, you can select to stay in the Top-Up round and continue to top up and spin the slot in this phase.

Coin Flip bonus round is a star of the show. Here you are welcomed and guided by the live game host, while the feature generates the multipliers for both sides of the coin. These multipliers contribute to total winnings together with the multipliers from the first two slot rounds.

After receiving the Coin Flip bonus round multipliers, all accumulated multipliers are displayed separately on the blue and red sides of the coin. The real excitement kicks in when the game host pulls a lever to flip the coin to determine the winning side of the coin – red or blue. Whichever side of the coin is facing up is considered a result and the player is paid according to the multiplier on the winning coin side.

Crazy Coin Flip - live bonus round

Once again, Evolution Gaming has shown an innovative approach to iGaming and enriched the market with yet another engaging and super-exciting game. It is the first fusion of the slot and live casino gaming for the brand and the result is spectacular. The time will tell does it have what it takes to take to become more loved by players than  Evolution’s popular game Crazy Time. 

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