Evolution Gaming Plans for 2021 Revealed

The leading online casino provider Evolution Gaming, known for its innovative live games such as Crazy Time, has revealed its upcoming 2021 games. The studio’s Chief Product Officer Todd Haushalter has shared Evolution’s 2021 roadmap in an exclusive video, showing once again why they are the dominant force on the iGaming market. 

New games from Evolution Gaming are promising even more entertaining betting sessions and a more immersive online casino gambling experience.   

Lightning Blackjack 

After very successful Lightning Roulette and Lightning Baccarat, the time has come to introduce players to Lightning Blackjack. After numerous test trials, Evolution has finally come to a version that still embodies the essence of classic blackjack but provides an extra kick due to the added multiplier values

lightning blackjack

Simply, if you win this hand, the next hand is going to pay on a multiplier basis. And the more aggressively you win this hand (the best being 21 or blackjack), the bigger the multiplier is going to be on the next hand.  

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Red Envelopes Baccarat 

In Asia, Baccarat is pretty much the undisputed king among the gambling games. Evolution decided to improve the baccarat experience for everybody which is not an easy task given the fact that players love the game as it is. However, it’s all a matter of approach and the studio opted to make the odds better. Now, that’s something no player would complain about. 

red envelopes baccarat

So, this year Baccarat fans will be able to try their luck on a thrilling Red Envelope variation of the legendary card game. These Red Envelopes appear randomly during the gameplay and can bring up to 88x the bet. Bear in mind, there is no side bet required as red envelopes are treated as gifts to players. 

Bac Bo 

Created very much in the spirit of baccarat but also much less complex, Bac Bo is something brand new on the iGaming market. There are 2 dice on the banker side and 2 dice on the player side and the highest total wins. It’s as simple as that! 

bac bo

However, to make the gameplay more interesting, Evolution decided for dices to land one by one. This way you get all the excitement of baccarat but without the difficult-to-understand rules. Overall, it’s a great game that will appeal to both baccarat fans and those who are new to the live online gambling sphere. 

Fan Tan

fan ten

Some players might have already heard of Fan Tan but the overwhelming majority probably never tried it. The beauty of this release is in its simplicity! Basically, the bunch of white pebbles on the table are being separated into rows of 4 and the last row is going to have 1, 2, 3, or 4 pebbles. And that’s what players are betting on.  

Golden Wealth Baccarat 

olden wealth baccarat

This new variation of the baccarat is allowing players to bet small and win big by catching the string of multiplier cards. Done in the spirit of one of Evolution’s most prominent releases – Lightning Baccarat, this is a lighter but equally immersive, fun-filled, and rewarding card game. 

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Cash or Crash 

cash or crash

Headline gameshow for Evolution in the year 2021 is called Cash or Crash. It takes place on a blimp and the goal is to get out of this flying vehicle before it crashes. The core of the release is a bouncing ball game – if the green ball is drawn, the blimp goals up and if the red ball is drawn, the blimp goes down. There is also a gold ball in a drum but Todd Haushalter didn’t want to say what it does, leaving it for the big game launch. However, it’s obvious it will bring some special perks to players who are lucky enough to ride on the blimp when it’s drawn. 

Check Out The Full Todd Haushalter Video Announcement: 

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Based on this video, it’s clear that Evolution Gaming is the studio that’s focusing on moving the industry needle, providing players with secure and fun betting sessions. Aside from outstanding live casino games, the provider is also investing heavily in tools that serve for protection, ensuring the results of their games are always completely random. 

After the acquisition of NetEnt, Red Tiger, and Big Time Gaming, some of the biggest names in thevideo slots sphere, Evolution is planing on revolutionizing this part of the online gambling industry. The focus is going to be on quality gaming with numerous unique bonus features and releases.

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