Don’t Get Tilted: Implementing Smart Slot Play

As much entertainment as online slot games offer, everything has its ups and downs. To be able to get good at slot playing, all players have to learn to keep their emotions in check. Even if you’re just a casual player, you will be surprised at how much more fun you can have once you know how to avoid tilt!

Let’s Get to The Bottom of Tilt

When a player gets tilted, they get carried away by their anger or frustration. This usually leads to them ditching their strategy and playing uncontrollably.

Damaging Your Mental Health and Bankroll

Spinning the reels should be a fun time where you can escape from the pressure of everyday life. Getting angry and frustrated while playing slots can quickly turn a relaxing time into a nightmare and, let’s be real, no one needs extra stress in their lives.

man yelling at a laptop screen

What’s more, tilted players tend to bet over-aggressively, which will burn out their bankrolls faster. Even worse, some people will exceed their bankroll and can’t stop themselves from betting more and more.

Common Situations Where Slot Players Encounter Tilt

It’s important to identify when online slot players usually get tilted to prepare yourself mentally when these situations actually happen to you.

  • Spinning the reels a couple dozens of times before realizing you set your bet size much higher than you intended.
  • Get into the Bonus Round a few times in a row and all of them pay nothing.
  • The game malfunctions just after you get a lot of Free Spins.
  • Prolonged periods of playing without a single payout.

Tips to Avoid Tilt for Online Slot Players

Avoiding tilt, like most things in gaming, is a skill that needs to be practiced. These include actionable advice as well as tips in changing your overall mindset to playing online slot games.

Learn About The Slots You’re Playing

It goes without saying that to have a quality time playing online slots, you should look for good games with a high RTP and big max win. But what many players overlook is volatility – you can’t expect to score a win every other time while playing a high-volatile slot. The thing with highly volatile slots is – fewer but larger payouts. 

slot reels in front of a mobile phone

In addition, you should also read about all the games’ features to know what to expect. Also, some games will pay less in the base game to compensate for a profitable Bonus Round while others have both base and bonus games boosted to the max. Remember, Roshtein’s biggest win ever was won during the base game in Wanted Dead or a Wild slot by Hacksaw Gaming.  

Become Part of a Community

The best way to blow off steam is to vent to a friend about it. For those who don’t have friends interested in slots, there are vibrant communities online that will celebrate your successes as well as help you during the low gambling moments. 

GamblersArea, for example, provides its community members with a chat at the right side of the screen and there is also a Discord channel. Members get to talk to each other about slot and non-slot related topics (food, crypto, etc.), creating stronger community bonds and building friendships.    

Think Long-Term

man watching paper plain flying towards bullseye

Experienced poker players never measure their success after 50-100 hands, rather after months of playing. The same thing applies to online slot games. Always try to focus on profit in the long run, don’t let the first few spins affect you.

Bet Low

The higher the stakes, the more emotional investment you will put into each spin. So when you feel like you’re encountering tilt, simply lower the bet momentarily to calm down.

Take Breaks to Calm Down

If betting low doesn’t quite do the trick, try taking a 5-minute break. It’s harder than it sounds because you’re likely overwhelmed with anger when tilted. But if you can build a habit of taking a step back in heated moments, it’s going to benefit you in playing slots and practically everything else.

Keep Track of Your Money

Some players don’t keep count of their money well, so they only have a vague ‘feeling’ of winning or losing. When they feel like they’re losing, they start to get frustrated and if they think they’re winning, they may spend their money carelessly. This fogginess should be avoided.

piled coins of money in front of a piggy bank

Many modern online slots let you look at the history of your spin results. Try to take advantage of this feature as often as you can. Knowing the exact frequency and value of your wins/losses helps you see a clear picture of where you’re standing.

Watch Experienced Players 

If you want to watch professional slot players spin the reels, Twitch is a place to be. One of the fastest growing categories on this platform is the ‘Slots’ category where highly-qualified streamers bet on different slots. Among other things, viewers can see how these experienced slot players deal with bad luck and keep a cool head on their shoulders even in those moments when their balance is melting away. 

roshtein playing frutz slot

Roshtein, DeuceAce, VonDice, and FrankDimes are Twitch slot-streaming channels that provide amazing entertainment but also great insight into the world of slot playing. These streamers have played hours and hours of casino games in online casinos over the years and have all the skills to deal with difficult gambling-related situations intelligently. To be the best you have to learn from the best. 

Watching streamers will certainly help you approach your playing sessions in the right mindset and get to know more about available slots and online casinos. 

Don’t Worry, It Comes With Time!

If you’re new to slot games, getting tilted is not unusual. Mistakes are inevitable but it’s important to learn when to stop. So, take it easy and spin the slot reels – the more experience you gather in the “slots arena”, the better you’ll be able to control your emotions.

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