7 Myths About Online Slot Games’ Strategies

Go on any forums in the online slot community and you’ll find people left and right claiming to slot master strategists. Most of the time, however, their methods are just pure superstition and unfounded claims made to deceive beginners.

So, the next time a player says they know how to win a slot, simply walk away (or show them this article).

1. You can ‘crack’ the slot games’ patterns with careful study

Films like ‘Ocean 11’ have planted into people’s minds the silly idea that they can outsmart the casinos. These people, mostly new players, think they can note down the position of each symbol to eventually figure out the ‘magic sequence’ of the game.

slot game

Guess what, there’s no sequence or pattern. Online slots run on an RNG: Random Number Generator. This program generates billions of random numbers at every given moment, ensuring there’s no intentional arrangement.

You can’t outsmart the slots. The slots are not smart, they’re just random!



You can figure out online slot games patterns with careful study.

There’s no pattern to slot games. It’s all random!


2. Clicking ‘Spin’ each time is better than using AutoPlay

This myth comes down to mere superstition, yet is very common among slot players. Knowing that the result of the spin is decided by the split millisecond that they click ‘Spin’, they want to ‘catch the moment’ themselves. Some even count to 3 or 5 before they spin the reels.

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Once again, there are BILLIONS of possible outcomes in any second. You can’t manually ‘catch’ an outcome. So it won’t make much of a difference spinning manually or letting AutoPlay do it for you.

But if you like to click ‘Spin’ just because it feels good then, by all means, go for it.



Clicking ‘Spin’ each time is better than using AutoPlay

It doesn’t make much of a difference either way since there are billions of possible outcomes a second.


3. You have to bet high in order to win progressive jackpots

There is some reason for this myth. Many online slots give players a better chance of winning the jackpot the higher their stakes are. But this doesn’t mean that only high rollers can win.

jackpot slot

In December 2012, John O won a jackpot of roughly 6 million pounds on Mega Moolah while betting the only 30p. So there you go, real-life evidence against the myth.



Only high bets can win progressive jackpots.

High bets give you a better chance, but any bet can win the progressive jackpot.


4. Online slots play out in ‘streaks’

This is one common notion people have that they use to ‘warn’ others about slot games. “Once you’re winning, the game will take you on a losing streak.”

video slot money

This cannot be further from the truth. Online slots use an RNG, a.k.a Random Number Generator to decide the outcome of a spin. This program generates several billion hundreds of random numbers per second. The result of a spin solely depends on that millisecond when you click the play button. 

Of course, players will spin for a period without losing or winning. But that’s just the illusion of randomness.



Online slots have ‘winning’ and ‘losing’ streaks.

Every spin is solely dictated by an RNG that generates countless random numbers per second.


5. A Progressive Jackpot can’t be won after it has just been won

Some players in the online slot community claim they know a formula for winning Jackpots. “Don’t play a slot whose Jackpot has just been won.” This is simply ridiculous.

Again, we have to go back to RNG. Every spin has an equal chance of winning the Jackpot. Remind yourself that slot games are not ‘conscious’ of how much money is in the Jackpot—it’s all random.



A Progressive Jackpot can’t be won after it has just been won

Every spin has an equal chance of winning the Jackpot.


6. It’s Easier To Win Playing At A Certain Time Of The Day

Some beginners go on Jackpot-tracking sites to see what time the most Progressive Jackpots are won. They then conclude that it’s the best time to play. This logic cannot be more false.

time clocks

The only reason why there are more wins at a certain hour is that the game is being played by more people at that time. More people have gotten off from work to play slots, which leads to more wins.



It’s easier to win playing at a certain time of the day.

The time of day doesn’t matter. There are more wins at a certain hour because more people are playing.


7. You can’t do anything to improve your chance of winning when playing slot games

This is true regarding the fact the online slots run on an RNG. But not every slot has the same RTP, so by choosing games with higher payout rates, you can improve your chance of winning. A few online slots with high RTP rates are:

  • Ugga Bugga by Playtech. RTP: 99.07%
  • Rainbow Riches Pick n Mix by Barcrest. RTP: Up to 98%
  • Mega Joker by NetEnt. RTP: 99%
  • Ooh Aah Dracula by Barcrest. RTP: 99%
  • The Catfather by Pragmatic Play. RTP: 98.10%

You can also take advantage of the bonuses that casinos offer. That way, you spin more, increasing your chance of winning.



You can’t do anything to improve your chance of winning.

You can improve your chance by playing slots with higher RTP, and taking advantage of casinos’ bonuses.

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